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02-25-2012, 02:27 AM
Originally Posted by Zahalu
I cannot agree with any of the advice so far... do this instead:

I use this build and it rocks. Ultimate DPS and Tankability for a cruiser.

Tac Cubes DO NOT shoot invisible 300k torpedoes... Some torpedoes may not draw for your client, but none do 300k damage unless your shields are down, and you have no armor consoles, in which case, something is wrong.

You should not ever be getting hit by a heavy plasma torpedo, unless you want it to hit you...

Your BOFF skills are not conducive to tanking... in order to tank and put out decent DPS you need to run max shield power and max weapon power at all times. This is achievable as explained in the Dragon Flagship Build by cycling Emergency Power to Weapons and Emergency Power to Shields.

Done properly, you can even tank Donatra, I know I have (tac in cruiser.)
The link this person gives is a standard solid beam ship, any person with two brain cells working can put that together, thats about all this person does type correctly though.

Elite tac cubes as of the elite patch buff have been smoking ships by one shotting them, regardless of buff daily, its a normal occurance, i have had a max hit of 417k damage in one hit to go through full shields, assist shields from another ship, two 33% buffs, my buffs, and gods buffs, zero damage but my alpha strike draws the ire of that cube and i died in th blink of an eye. Devs: "we dropped hp but upped damage"

Even looked the damage type up on the combat log "cube yadda yadda does 417k damage with "warp core breach" not your warp core does this, not your hull is low etc, but that one line and the damage number.

Also saw the torp spread from the tac cube as i was wondering why we cant see the big spread, not the big plasma torp that all can survive and can be shot down but the huge damage numbers invisible barrage, like 30-90k in rapid succession that come from nowhere (not the one hit death one) , whilst maneuvering i was highlighted against another ships explosion, this lit the area in front of an oddessy, may it rest in pieces, and i watched 5- 8 white, nearly clear ghostly balls of death rip out and into the oddessy,

it died in an eyeblink, and i went hmmmm, thats what has been stomping people too. these faded away as fast as they lit up from the backlighting and the oddessy didnt take any splash damage, just pop. i have been hit by this barrage too and it is survivable, i had 3% left and my combat table read 31k, 55k, 55k, 45k, 70k, 70k. this is just some of the damage these things put out when you get their attention.

cannons at under 5k, or a good beam ship as others have stated, again the link to the dragon build is fine, build what you can afford, and always hope you get a great science officer and his great ship in elites with you because they add so much to a battle in support, debuff area.