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02-25-2012, 03:02 AM
Well, in fact I must say that BSGO, while not at all a depiction of the BSG universe, has its benefits. Their open PVP is built in a way that any character of any level can be of use in a battle - low-level fighters shoot down missiles directed at the big ships, etc. I really would like to see such massive mixed-level fleet combat in STO, too. Such stuff makes a game very enjoyable even on the long run.

But still, I must say that the space combat in STO is much more fun to me than anything BSGO has to offer, even ignoring that there is much less (but not no) mission content in BSGO. I have even stopped playing BSGO when STO became F2P. STO at least partially transmits the feeling that this could be happening in the source material, too, although at a slower pace. BSGO ships repair as fast as STO ships, but, you know... in Star Trek, this is plausible, with replicator technology and shields etc. In BSG, that just doesn't fit the source material at all.

But I suggest that anyone who wants to see how good PvP can be done tries out BSGO.