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Originally Posted by maquis View Post

High yield three can be trained by a tactical captain
High yield 3 cannot be used on a Galaxy refit. Only on an Excelsior or a Galor cruiser.

Count23, I recommend you use Torpedo Spread 1 and Beam Fire at Will 2. You will do more damage on multiple targets.

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Extend shields are to a friendís advantage and your shields weaken because youíre reinforcing your friends
Wrong. Extend shields does not weaken your own shields.

However, I suggest this engineer boff loadout for count23:

Aux to Structural 3
Engineering team 3
Aux to Dampeners 1 (increases your turn speed and damage resistance)
Emergency power to weapons 1

Lt. Cmdr:
Emergency power to shields 3
Reverse Shield polarity 1
Emergency power to weapons 1

Emergency power to shields 1

Why two versons of emergency to shields and weapons? Because you can chain them one after another, keeping your weapons and shield power up constantly. Very useful to have max power in both those areas as consistently as possible.

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Consider replacing with polarize hull to break tractor beams my own opinion.
I suggest hazard emitters 1 and transfer shield strength 2. Hazard emitters clears debuffs and heals hull, transfer shield strength boosts your shields and a ally's shields at the same time if you target them and use it.

Also, carry auxiliary batteries in one of your device slots. Have 50 or so of them in reserve. Hazard emitters, transfer shield strength and aux to structural all get a boost when you have high aux power. Use an aux battery before activating one or all of those three abilities to get the maximum effect. With batteries, you don't need to waste an engineering boff on the emergency to auxiliary skill.

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Torpedoes share the same cool down so their no real help but are taking up space, consider replacing 1 dual beam bank and two torpedoes (leaving one forward and one aft)
Wrong. Two torpedoes can now be fired one second after the other. You can use multiple torpedoes in a single firing arc if you want and they can be very useful. However, more beam weapons are usually better because they work better on shields and they have a much wider arc if you use beam arrays.

Originally Posted by maquis View Post
Eng Console:

The Accelerators are good no problems there (I use 4 on my excelsior and it turns like an escort which is good but at the expense of hull armour )
Consider going down to one EPS manifold cause theirs a engineering officer ability that does it also
And consider putting some armour on for protection
Get rid of the accelerators, they don't help the Galaxy class at all. A ship with a base turn rate of 6 is barely affected by RCS accelerators. The Excelsior gets a much bigger benefit from them because it has a base turn of 8. Best engineering loadout is:

1 EPS manifold
1 Monotanium or Neutronium hull plating
1 Assimilated module (it is a lot more useful than maquis says it is, don't listen to him)
1 Damage specific armor like Diburnium for disruptors or Electroceramic for plasma weapons. Swap between them depending on the ships you're fighting.

Originally Posted by maquis View Post
Sci Console:

The Assimilated console has limited usefulness at best without the other parts
Saucer Sep, nothing wrong with that
Bio function Monitor, nothing wrong with that either
Get rid of saucer sep. It's useless on the galaxy class. It makes your hull weaker and does nothing to make you do more damage. If you use mostly beam arrays and a couple of torpedoes, you will not need to turn much anyway.

I say use two Field Generators. Right now they each increase your shield hitpoints by 35% and you can use two at once.

Otherwise if you decide to spend some real cash or use cryptic points that you can buy with dilithium, buy the Venture class variant which has the "Antimatter Spread" console. Antimatter Spread is a brilliant ability that breaks all target locks on you for 8 seconds and makes enemy ships shoot each other. it's like a free Scramble Sensors ability and it is well worth the pricetag.