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02-25-2012, 08:13 AM
This particular challenge is a little ironic to me since i was already working on a similar story, though the original plot was galactic wayfarers showing up in the Betreka Nebula and ensnaring one of my starships. It sounded a bit too much like a TNG episode, so I scrapped it in favor of one of my ships being lost and winding up outside the galaxy. Like in the past, though, I wanted to tell a story from a bridge officers' perspective, so instead of a starship it's Kim's Chief Engineer and First Officer getting lost.

I broke from the guidelines, though, since they're supposed to get stuck in just a random void, but being lost in the expanse between the galaxies counts as a void right? I also have no intention in having Kala or Soral come back. In future stories, they are not on the Stellar Drift, and I kind of like the idea of them tromping around the universe with these intergalactic explorers.


So, I resurrected the intergalactic wayfarer story and consolidated it down, though in the chapters I wrote to flesh the story out, I didn't say specifically where they were from. It's hard to get a single episode down to one or two personal logs, so some stuff got lost. There was a lot to this story, though it was fun to write. I thought it was a fun take on some of the evolutionary stories we've seen in Star Trek.

Also, Ziri for the first time as a department head. She's fast becoming a favorite character to write. Her pregnancy will lead into a few future stories, and explain the origin of a character I had on Tribble for a while.