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Captain's log, Stardate -310848.45988919254.

Encounter with cosmic anomaly resulted in destruction of shuttle craft stranding me on a world that is curiously similar to the known history of the planet Earth. Specifically, the early 21st century. I find myself thanking my academy instructors for their insistence on the important of historical knowledge. Never has the phrase "the past is the guide to your future" been so appropriate.

I have discovered that this society has a primitive holodeck-like simulation of Starfleet; however it requires a resource for access which would not seem so strange to me were I Ferengi. The exchange medium of this period, "money", is used to access this Starfleet simulation. It is my hope that by participating in this simulation mistakes made will be dismissed as "role playing", a type of play-acting popular in this era. My participation as such will not risk violation of either the Prime, or Temporal Prime, Directives.

However, in my efforts to adapt myself to this curious situation I have discovered an inconsistency within the expected parameters of this simulation. Therefore...

Does anyone know what is going on with the referral system?

Any assistance would be appreciated as I have, by fortuitous circumstance, come to be acquainted positively with several natives. They, interested if not engrossed within this cultural matrix, would make powerful allies within my now simulated career as a Starfleet officer and I would like to provide for myself via the "referral program" through my effort to allow these individuals to experience some of the wonders of a career in Starfleet.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

- Captain, NX-636366