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02-25-2012, 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by Genex View Post
Often when we have a Dev on the show we are limited by how much time we have with them, and sometimes we have people ask similar questions or quite a few on differing topics

Often we will try to ask the questions in their entirety, but sometimes we just can't do it in the time we so we try group people who asked questions on the same topic so it doesn't feel like we left them out, such as in this case the featured episode questions

I understand the situation, but the question I asked had nothing to do with the question you said I asked. I asked how many FEs there would be, and you asked about content in between FEs. If you do not have time to ask my question(even though it was alot shorter than the one you asked), I understand and that is fine. But please do not say that I asked something that I really did not, as that is a false statement.