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02-25-2012, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by Zahalu
I cannot agree with any of the advice so far... do this instead:

I use this build and it rocks. Ultimate DPS and Tankability for a cruiser.

Tac Cubes DO NOT shoot invisible 300k torpedoes... Some torpedoes may not draw for your client, but none do 300k damage unless your shields are down, and you have no armor consoles, in which case, something is wrong.

You should not ever be getting hit by a heavy plasma torpedo, unless you want it to hit you...

Your BOFF skills are not conducive to tanking... in order to tank and put out decent DPS you need to run max shield power and max weapon power at all times. This is achievable as explained in the Dragon Flagship Build by cycling Emergency Power to Weapons and Emergency Power to Shields.

Done properly, you can even tank Donatra, I know I have (tac in cruiser.)
Lol are you kidding me? If you like the dragon that's fine. It's a good setup. Very easy to use, and still puts out good damage. But, in the end the dragon isn't really any better than a cannon build. In fact, let me compare my build against the “dragon” build.

Firing arc:
Dragon: 70 deg arc where 7/8 weapons can fire together. 90 deg where 1 torp + 3 beams can fire. NEVER can he fire all his weapons at the same time. You know what this means? Less dps!

Cyell: 90 deg arc where ALL weapons can fire. 180 deg where 7/8 weapons fire. It’s not even a contests here…

Base/total dps
Dragon: 70 deg arc - 1260 dps, OR 90 deg arc - 1197 (3 beams + q-torp)

Cyell: 180 deg arc – 1188, OR 90 deg arc – 1587 (everything firing at the same time)

I mean... cmon… cannons would wtfpwn the arrays… So yes, the 7 beams out does the cannons by about 5-6%, but as soon as I get my front arc on the target, my dps is like 30% more than the dragon.

And if you take into consideration that with dragon’s build, you can only use B-overload for extra dps, which btw... boosts the dps of ONE weapons, and drains weapons power so bad that all other weapons fire at less than 50% efficiency. As opposed to CRF, which boosts all of the cannons AND turrets… without depleting weapon power so much.

Another thing to note is that DEM increases the dmg of each shot, so with CRF I can the DEM buff 6-8 times, vs the arrays which can only benefit twice. And I also get more chance to proc the phaser effect (disable a sub syste) because the 2.5% chance is also per shot fired. Someone correct me if I’m wrong about the proc rate.

Power settings:
Dragon: 2 copies of EPtW, keeping weapons power at 125, and extra power to shields. Also each copy give a 10% dmg buff for 5 sec. So essentially you have…

Weapons 125
Shields ~100
+10% dmg for 5 sec (every 30 sec)

Cyell: 2 copies of WPtS instead, and this is what I have…

Weapons 125
Shields ~100
+2,000 shield heal every 30 sec

Notice that the power settings are almost identical… except with my build I have actually MORE survivability than dragons build. And the 10% for 5 sec? Not exactly crucial when my cannons have CRF which, not only does it make up for the difference, it exceeds the dps offered by the beam boat.

EDIT: The dragon does have higher survivability due to its chaining 2 EPtW and 2 EPtS. What happens instead is that the dragon loses out on some dps/utility for the extra healing.