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02-25-2012, 09:58 AM
Interessting podcast
For the kdf...Dan say " what kdf need actualy ?" we need more data about that...
One thing i can say, is i want the same level of "personnalisation" that we can have on fed side concerning ship design..i want more visual option for ship in the kdf, this is a exemple and i think more are actually ask in the forums.

I want something more too, i want to use ships that i have buy; like all captain and commander ship, i want to use them at level 50 and not only for 2 hours ! paying a ship for only 2 hours of gameplay is frustrating !
(2 hours is the time you need right now to level from commander 1 to captain 1, only 2 hours of gameplay, you just have to go to the mirror event, buffed with xp boost and you will take your 10 level !

Paying 600 or 800 c point for 2 hours isn't normal ! We want to be able to reuse those ship at cap level !