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02-25-2012, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by Chillee View Post
Ok I had to re-read dragon’s post about his 2 and 2 EPt-X. And I have to admit that he does have a good point. Essentially he gets more weapon and shield power at the same time. Touche.

However, he does trade 3 lt commander level skill for for 2 copies of EPtW, which I would imagine lowers you’re dps; because if you wanted to chain skills, you can chain 2 copies of DEM1 in place of EPtW for higher dps with CRF.

i.e. 169 base shield regen MACO mk12, extra 30 shield power setting = 120% extra regen every 6 sec. which translates into another 203 shields every 6 sec… not a huge gain to be honest.

So if you do the math... the trade off is a 200 extra shield regen every 6 sec, for losing out on ~1.8k dps for 10 sec every 45 sec. I would rather go with the dps.

and really my build is just a variation of hakashin's (spelling?) pvp dread build, which i find to be far superior to the dragon. But there nothing to "duke out", as I doubt i would ever be able to convince some to drop his pet project build.