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02-25-2012, 12:29 PM
I have listened to the Priority One shows and like all other STO interview shows they kiss the *** of the " Dev" they are interviewing and fail to ask anything really important or relevant.

Its a simple question " How many featured episodes will be released this year" seems a simple question to me. But the softball interviewer of course didnt ask it instead he lumped peoples questions into a mash and then made up his own and said it was Al or whoever asking.

Typical Priority One Fanboi show....come on guys we know the devs dont listen to the forums so when a person or persons can actually get a hold of a dev to do an interview we need more than the " Larry King no real information interview " that you and Stoked tend to give us. As a true fan of this game what Cryptic has done to it should **** you off.