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This is the second time that this issue has happened over the past 2 weeks. Each time it has happened has been following a friday season episode patch. I solved the problem last time by uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

My computer is fine. The hard drive is fine. The firewall, virus, and all commonly cited excuses are fine. And I still can play on the testing server. I just can't play on the live server.

The problem is: I attempt to launch the game. The launcher loads to the Cryptic screen. Midway through attempting to load the game, the game crashes, vanishes, and I am prompted with a "OOPS" box.

I attempt to reload the launcher. I allow the launcher to verify all files. This does not fix the problem.

Yes I have rebooted the computer. Yes it is plugged in.

Today, the verification process crashed as well.

I suggest this is a cryptic-side issue. I say this because the problem is happening after episode patches. And, I can successfully launch and play on the holodeck server.

Now I am debating if it is worth my time to uninstall and reinstall this game.

Anyone out there with a solution?