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Like a lot of people I'm back now and haven't played since release. I found this build which looked pretty good and have stuck to it for the most part. I'm only at Capt right now so I've held back in a few areas.

I was hoping an expert could take a quick look at it and tell me if there's any changes they'd make.

I'm a Tac/Escort btw. This build shows a Fleet Escort but I'm not sure if that's what I'll use at 50.

Also, in that build it shows the Lt Cmd and Cmd stations having the same first 3 skills in both stations. I was wondering why Torp Spread was chosen for the Lt spot in both cases instead of 1 or both with Torp Spread III in the Lt Cmd slot and Scatter I for Lt.

Oh 1 last little question. How much of a damage boost does Tac Team I give you?



Bah! Thought of another few questions.

For skills or items like batteries, does anything above 125 power go to waste or does it still help? Batteries pretty much always take me over 125 and I'm guessing skills like Emerg Power to Wep does also. (Although I've never used Emerg Power to Wep)

Does all accuracy bonuses add to my dmg? I can't remember if its crit % chance or dmg. I'm reffering to both passive and active skills that increase accuracy and items that have accuracy bonuses.

Is there a web page that talks about diminishing returns from things like multiple consoles of the same type and whatever else?