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02-25-2012, 04:43 PM
Can I ask what you overall goal is? Like do you want to do the most dps in normal/elite stf? Support/heal/debuff in pvp? Because let's face it... space stf is all about dps... and how fast you can kill something, tank/support/heal/etc, are really only useful for pvp.

Either way can you provide a sort of summary of what exactly you're looking for, so I (and the community) can give advice that would actually help. Because sci ships arn't like escorts where you just want to throw on the biggest guns and call it day.

Just as an example, if you're pvping with a friend who has an escort, you can debuff the hell out of someone and support heal the escort, while he does the killing, the polaron would indeed be a decent weapon to use especially if you leave your weapon power low.

On the other hand, if you want to go out and kill stuff quickly, i.e. missions and stfs, then max weapons settings and anti proton should be something you want. Yes, even in a sci ship because you can always switch your power settings before you throw out a grav well or something.

Anyway, point is sci ships have too many variation without knowing what you want out of it.