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02-25-2012, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by hyprodimus

I want to be able to do objectives on my own. As in be quick enough to kill the probes trying to get to the Time Portal, or kill the Transwarp Conduits. I was sitting there for maybe 5 minutes and I only dropped it by 25% health.

I guess my build is not very efficient against structures as these since they already have no shields and dont attack. So...90% of the build is useless there.
Ok so it sounds like you're planning for mostly pve stuff, i.e. stfs. So here's what I'd like to suggest...

would say your settings should be the generic one:

and have the second setting easily accessible:

switch from the first to the second just before you hit something with a grav well or anything really that isn't energy weapon, then switch back to the first and continue shooting.

weapons should be something like...
anti proton DBB x 2
q-torp x1 OR tri-cobalt x 1 (I will try and explain which one to choose later on)

anti proton turrets x3 in the back

BO's should look something like...

TT1 or THY1 - Beam Overload2 (I will try to explain which one to choose later)

EPtW1 - EPtW2

***** - ***** - ***** - *****
***** - ***** - *****

***** are whatever skills you like. I personally really like grav well and tractor repulser, not so much tyken's rift or tachyon. But it's really up to you what healing or damage skills want.

The BO2 is to max dps for DBB's.

The EPtW1 and 2 you will use every time it's off CD to keep you weapon power at 125 (make sure you use EPtW before BO2). Using one copy of EPtW will give the ability a 45 sec CD and put the other copy on a 30 sec CD. But the buff lasts 30 sec, so when it wears off from the first one, the second will be ready.

The ***** slot i would suggest either TT1 (for survival more than the dps), as it can reroute shields almost instantly to keep you alive, and give a very minor dmg increase. Or you can pick up THY1. with TT1 use tri-cobalt, and q-torp with THY1. The tri cobalt does less overall dmg than THY1+qtorp, but it also disables, so it's really up to you. Personally i suggest q-torp+THY1 since you can always grav well to slow stuff.

EPS - Borg - neutronium (or any other armor of your choice)
anther option is the +3.5 weapon power setting in case you can't get 125 power setting even with EPtW. And the borg console can alway go in a sci slot.

+35% shield - ***** - *****- *****
i have shield emitter, shield regen, and insulator, but I run my ship more like an escort than sci ship so dont use these... instead if you have alot of deflector dish skills, then consoles that enhance those would be much better, graviton generator or particle generator, etc. Although I will say... the shield emitter is nice for healing

anti proton x 2

hopefully i've answered you're questions, let me know if I missed anything.

EDIT: also... the skill tree you linked has too many 9 pointers, and you would be better off trading some of the for mroe 3/6 pointers. I will try and link what I have later.

ok so this is what I use:
nm... link broken and removed... will tryu again later