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02-25-2012, 05:15 PM
Originally Posted by Cyell
2 things.... 1st is that saucer sep allows your drive section to turn like an escort. so i would put it as your last eng console (neutronium, borg, and EPS).
And turning like an escort is pointless when you use beam arrays in a cruiser. You don't need to turn quickly. especially since separation has a long cooldown and dual beam banks are useless when you reconnect and have to wait until you can separate again.

Originally Posted by Cyell
2nd, the +35% shields do NOT stack. using 1 is more than enough. Your other 2 consoles should probably be shield emitter + 24, for better shield healing.
You are correct, they do not stack. They did for a little while in the last month when they messed around with the way the console works. I just discovered today after posting that they removed the stacking bonus. Still, I suggest something like the assimilated console in the remaining science slot and use the engineering slots for hull armors and one EPS console. You really don't need anything else.