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02-25-2012, 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by Koopa27 View Post
so how many of you have 3 SNB doffs?
Who needs em... anyone with a bug ship apparently gets 1% more then the effect of stacking 3 of them anyway for running a few pve missions... of course if they blew a ton of money on bug ships they likely blew a ton of money on doff stuff so... I guess they deserve there 4% nuke chance right.

Just too put a little perspective on how stupid this is going to be....

2.5% on a bug ship running all cannons..... 16.21% chance to remove a buff every weapon cycle.

Now lets say that same lucky dude is also holding 3 of the newly nerfed and the best we plebs can hope fore 1.5% more... so

4% on a bug ship running all cannons... just a little shy of a 25% buff removal on every volley...

Ohh sign me up for the fun times.