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02-25-2012, 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by O_Farmer
Any chance you're going to revise the Bajoran uniforms to conform more with the uniforms we see on Bajor in the new Featured Episode. The red command uniforms look a shade too dark, and the security uniforms appear to be too dark in the center chest.
You do not have to follow the guide exactly in fact I have made a spreadsheet of all the "cannon colors" Blackvarr does. On my spreadsheet I have adjusted the colors to my preference and also have adjusted them to best match "cannon" based on graphic settings for this game. I have different colors because I use a desktop and a laptop for this game and I have the settings different so I use a spreadsheet for because I have the colors to look just right based on what PC I use.

Edit: Also I have been working on the Star Trek XI Kelvin uniforms I should have them posted here in a couple of days if Blackvaar doesn't mind me posting some uniform colors on his thread.