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02-25-2012, 09:05 PM
One thing I've been doing is setting up my KDF fighters in the Omega Space set and equipping the cannon from the vault and another single cannon. For the 3 consoles I've been using a disruptor +26%, aceton mine, and isometric charge consoles. Most people I would think are used to the hold both mouse buttons down to face a target but the best thing I've found is use the mouse to move the camera but use your a, w, s, d movement buttons to move it so it will turn faster than the normal mouse tactic. I'm pretty sure for federation based tactics fire at will does same thing just to me looks cooler doing it my KDF way.

Even though I'm in disagreement with how the jem hadar space set was designed. I do however love the episode itself I really love it and the graphics of it as well as content, cinematics, etc. Only thing I'll say about that set though where it has Victory is Life I do think there should be something for Non-Jem Hadar ships as well due to the fact I want a valid reason to want to choose this set over retro borg, omega, and honor guard... Not to completely make it where I would want it on every ship but for some setups it would be nice to have a new setup using it.