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02-25-2012, 10:35 PM
Originally Posted by scipher
well so for I've run 563 STF elite missions and have 781 EDC, 76 rare borg salvage, 21 prototype salvage and have only gotten 6 prototype shield tech.come on 563 STF elite runs and all i have is shield tech really Cryptic that is insane how many more do i have to run to get the deflector and engine to make at least one set at MK XII?
And as far as the mystery boxes go you can please tone those down nobody really wants them.I can understand one at the end or one or two drops but when my screen is covered in green letters of everybody passing on the 20 that dropped come on stop already.And another thing in all those 563 runs i have yet to see a gold box every box within a box is green so thanks for nickle and dimeing us to death for every cent.
have you run all the STFs? They drop specific pieces depending on which one you do, for example, infected only has the shield tech.