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# 1 My account is missing ?
02-26-2012, 04:08 AM
Hi there,

I will write that here, because I got no aswer from official support since good couple of days.

So here is my story:

Bought STO Digital Deluxe on direct2drive 2 years ago. Played for couple of months (paid subscription obviously), but for some reasons stopped. and didnt play since then. Now I discovered that STO has become free 2 play so I wanted to log to my old account, but couldnt because it wont recognize my email, and my login, like it never excisted. So I created a new account using my original email and login, but everything I had is gone ofc I've had a very well developed Federation character, and working on my Klingon up to 20's.

So now I have to start over? My friend who bought the game at the same time as myself has their account untouched and can continue to play in new f2p model, while my account is gonner?

I still have my original product code (cd-key), if that helps....

Please help me to recover my old account.


ps. tried to reocver my account on either cryptic and perfect world sites, but the result is always the same: there is no such email or login in our database blah blah....