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02-26-2012, 03:37 AM
Originally Posted by ThePsycoticVulcan
T'nae isn't even a villain. Did you mean Zelle from "Divide et Impera"?
No. Admiral T'nae who keeps asking you to make unprovoked attacks, acts of terrorism, breaking the Prime Directive, etc. "No one else can be allowed to have Borg technology... at ANY cost."

Originally Posted by T.Diamonds
<<Yes, before and after, the Federation keeps feeding plenty of relief support while the Klingons....
(Starfleet Deltan Undine Admirals, wow...) thinking "we" don't know or acknowledge about Undine's ways or existance is naive.
T'nae is Vulcan. The Tal Shiar exists for a reason: to get accurate intel.

We have our skirmishes with Starfleet
Klingon attack on Mars shipyards was just a "skirmish" too.

You 'll have more luck next time
More luck? I'm not the one thinking Starfleet is not at full war with the Romulan Empire. Just how many Romulan ships got destroyed outside Rator Prime again? Just how many times has the Federation forcibly taken Borg technology that the Romulans have been studying? Just how many Romulan lives have been lost when the Federation flies around the galaxy attacking Romulan ships on the other side of the Neutral Zone. Wake up and smell the coffee. Romulans are already subjugated.