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02-26-2012, 09:04 AM
It's going on 2 weeks since I got a reply back from Customer Support asking me to send then screen shots of how all the bridges in that variation are loading with the same brown/tan carpet. Obviously since I haven't posted another update and since there's no dev post and we all know it isn't fixed yet they haven't done anything about it yet. I know there are issues with the new Belfast Bridge too so hopefully they'll go through and fix them all at the same time.

I really wish we would at least get some feedback from a Dev/Programmer to let us know when they might be able to fix this. changes are it's just a simple programming error causing it to load what appears to be a default test carpet texture so it shouldn't take more than a few mins for them to access the related files and update to the correct floors for each bridge.

There are few bridges I wouldn't mind spending the EC or even c-points on because I know they are planning on making the bridge view more functional, but at this point I'm very hesitant to buy any of them because who knows if what's on the screen shot is actually what you're buying.