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02-26-2012, 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo
I wonder why some people object to adding options to a game?
Becaause those options require a LOT of extra Dev yeam work to incorporate and maintain; and given the choice; I'd rather see nthat Dev time devoted to creating more actual mission content for both factions as IMO PvP in ANY MMO that isn't built specifically for it (aka EVE Online) is:

- Never balanced to anyone's satisfaction (Going on 7 years WoW still has the same type of PvP thrreads regarding balance for example); and making two sets of stats WILL NEVER solve that issue as someone will always figure it's not skill as to why he/she isn't doing as well as they think they should; it's because Class/Ship/Power X is just plain overpowered or imbalanced.

- PvP is a SMALL (but very vocal) portion of the game's player population (again, unless the game in question has been built to cater to PvPer's and most of the MMOs that tried (like say Shadowbane) found they couldn' get a large enough playerbase to be profitable.