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02-26-2012, 09:52 AM
Originally Posted by hyprodimus
Thanks for the input guys. So I dropped the Array, Cannon and Rapidfire for 2 DDB, Beam Overload II, and swapped the defensive Eng abilities for EPtW I and II.

Im now doing 2 800 dps which is 40% more than my original build! (and I often forgot to use EPtW)

This wasnt the highest Raw damage, but iI got the highest Net damage of my group! I assume this is because I was disabling shields to do hull damage.

I removed Sensor Probes as I originally thought it helped Viral matrix....It did but the wiki didnt update and now it doenst. I moved the Assimilated console down to Science and now have 2x RCS.

[97 / 75] (which is actually 125 because of constant EPtW)
[56 / 25]
[71 / 50]
[85 / 50]

Switching to and from Max Auxilliary Power only takes 1.5 seconds.

Defence is now 70% and turn rate is 28 degrees per second.
I didnt miss the Engineer abilities at all, hardly needed the science ones too. Probably due to the MACO shields and high defence percent.

Im not going to respec now though. That will come when I feel like paying Cryptic for a respec...Theres so many bugs in the game right now.

Here is what I have now

And this is where I got my original build's inspiration from.
It looked viable at first, but Im liking the the "Sci-scort" much better.
two thing that i wanted to mention is that your weapon power can actually go over 125. 135 i think is the max, the numbers dont show, and doesn't increase you're dmg. but it does get used before you're normal weapon power does, so you can fire an extra weapon at max strength. So with EPtW you should aim for 135, and honestly you can afford a few points from engine, especially since you have an RCS. Just food for thought.

the other things is that the EPS i mention i didnt put in because of the transfer rate from sub to sub. instead it increases the regen rate of your weapon power, which you can use because BO2 chews up alot of power, so the faster you can recover from it the better.