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02-26-2012, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by jdb2008 View Post
Ok, I don't want to get demoted. I want to run a Flotilla, at least, via this ship crew DOFF idea. Yeah, I'm going to go on record, I don't want to get demoted because others want to just run one ship. Leave our ranks as is, thanks.
Agreed; I have said this often enough to these people.

Look, just because you brass-haters don't like the gold braid doesn't mean you should be allowed to take it from people like me who prefer it. It's pretty clear the Admiralty is here to stay - so zippit, alright?

OT: I remember the old Starship Creator games...and the weird variations on ship design (kinda like this, in a way!).

I think the Nagus' idea has merit - short of making your old/reserve ships into pets, like JanuHull suggests, it would be the best way to have the other ships get some use, without having to switch back and forth between them (like with my tac VA, I use the Odyssey when I'm just shooting the breeze, but I use the Defiant when I shoot the Borg, heh) - or using older ships you're hesitant to decommission.