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02-26-2012, 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by mbradshaw View Post
Cyell thanks for the build! Already I'm killing things so much quicker, though I'm still waiting to finish transitioning to your build. As I get prototype borg salvage and rare borg salvage to replace all the other weapons.

CRF1 is epic that it also effects the turrets!

Is getting the +3.5 weapon power console worth it? Also in the transition that I'm in right now I have two rapid reload transphasic torpedoes still, but been using doffs that decrease the cd on them. So instead of tt1 I have torpedo spread. I shoot high yield and 15 seconds later I shoot the spread.

Also I just recently got the entire aegis set is that better than the entire maco MXI set in your opinion?

ok so let me comment on the shields first. if you have an aegis set already, then dont waste any EDCs to buy a maco set. but when you get the rare/proto techs from stfs, you should replace the aegis.

the reason is that the you want the following set up:
maco deflector mk12
borg engine
maco shield mk12
borg console

this way you get the 2 piece bonus from both maco and borg... which is better than the 3 piece bonus from maco. and you want maco over aegis (even the mk11) is that the maco is slight better than the aegis. and by slight I do mean slight, but every little bit helps.

the 3.5 weapon power is really optional, but i didnt want to max out warpcore potential and energy weapon power just to get 2 more points of weapon power. and without either one, i sit at 123 weap power, and I really like my 125. But feel free to drop it for something else. And beside, it's not like there are any other consoles for the eng slot that is so amazing that you have to have it instead of the 3.5.

and for your torps i want to say this... if you're using HY and spread, then you dont have TT1. there is 2 reasons why you should do this...

1) if you're not using TT1, then you would be better off doing the following:

fore weapons:
DBB - cannon - cannon - q-torp
in that order as you want you DBB to be the first weapon that fires

eng consoles:
EPS - EPS - EPS - neutronium (you can switch out that 3rd EPS for a 3.5 weapon power)

chain together:
a-patern alpha, DEM3, CRF, THY, BO, go down fighting and tactical initiative. tac ini allows you to use CRF THY and BO on 15 sec CDs instead of 30, and you can get 3 of them in before you're buffs run out. And once the buffs run out pop off your lance.

Try it and watch the escorts on you team cry about how fast you burn things down. Just be care because anything you do that to will want you dead. This would be a good time to brace for impact, evasive manuvers, engine battery, and get out of range. wait for you to drop out of combat, cloak, and all threat/agro is wiped from you. Go back in and repeat. It is much better than 2 torp skills.

Read on to see why i didnt recommend this build from the start...

2)TT1 isn't a dps skill, it is a survival skill, as it can instantly reroute shield strength to the side you're getting hammered on. staying alive means more dps, because you do zero dps when dead, respawning, and heading back to the fight.

So basically if you do ~8k dps with all you skills, but you do ~10k with THY+BOL+CRF. in 60 sec, you will do 120k more dps, but then you die because you couldn't reroute shields fast enough, and it takes you 15 sec to get back into the fight, someone who didnt die would have done 120k dps.

EDIT: math is completely wrong. I have no idea wtf i was doing, but i think the idea is there... i will fix it...
EDIT 2: math fixed. numbers are completely ficticious... just trying to get the point accross.

in the end, turns out to be more or less the same amount of dmg. The difference in pve is pretty small, but in pvp, you dont want to die and give the other team a kill as well as numerical superiority against your team. So it really boils down to how you want to play, but do drop the 2nd torp, and replace the trans with a quantum.