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02-26-2012, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by Schneemann View Post
Long ago it was this way. But today 125 is a hard cap. You gain nothing at all by going beyond 125.
I guess im not updated on the info... can you tell me if there's anything else in place that is similar to this? I ask because when I use BO2 on my cruiser i consistantly see my power drop from 125 to 60. On the other hand when I use EPtW (125+23=148), i never see my power drop to 60. In fact they seem to hover around 70 instead.

I looked what you said and it seems that what you said is correct, as others said the sae thing. But i shot at a fleet memeber for about 5 mins, and the numers i got back were fairly consistant. 50-60 without going over, 70-ish with going over.