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02-26-2012, 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by Skydance View Post
Very good mission. I loved the story, and how it was presented. Dialogue, maps, (optional) combat, all was flowing very well together making the playthrough a very exciting experience.

Minor thing: the skip dialogue options, though I didn't use them, could do without the snarkyness (plots bore me etc.) a neutral [Skip dialogue] would suffice.

Excellent work, thank you very much for creating it. Looking forward to further missions from you.
Thanks for the review and feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the mission and the story. The mission optional features was something I've picked up as I've done my mission reviews of other authors work. The work of Pendra80 on his mission, along with his feedback, and the tutorial the kirkfat provided on Starbase UGC were all very helpful in developing those aspects of my mission.

As for the snarkyness of my "Skip Dialog" feature it is intended to be a little light hearted fun on my part, but I can see your point. I will consider changing those "Plot's bore me" buttons.

Thanks again for the review and feedback. It is really appreciated.