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02-26-2012, 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by hyprodimus
Tuvok0420, the console looks great, but I dont want to spend $10 on something that seems quiet limited beyond STF.

Ive made two changes. Ive taken out the second RCS and added an EPS console. Ive also swapped out High Yield for Spread.

2 torpedoes vs 12 torpedoes...hmmm tough choice

This has increased damage even more and in my last STF rounds I am topping everyone else.
What does Beam Fire at Will do? And would it be of any use here?

Ive also redone my skill tree.
Im using more 6 rather than 9s. I didnt actually implement it yet, waiting for feedback.
beam fire at will is the same as spread, alot of aoe dmg at the expense of single target dps. try it and see how you like, but i don't think it'll beat BOL2, but then again i've been wrong before on these things.

The new tree looks much better than before. although i'd like to point out the 8 points in warpcore potential will only get you 1 more point in all subsystems as opposed to 6 point. personally i think the last 2 points can be better spent elsewhere. like some of of skills that boost sci ability like graviton generator.