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02-26-2012, 01:39 PM
Originally Posted by Evil70th
Thanks again for the review and feedback. It is really appreciated.
It wasn't really a review.. you do those much better Just saw this post here and thought I comment a little bit on it, since I enjoyed playing it quite a bit.

The 'witty' comments from my Captain were spot on, it's how she'd talk. This is of course always a bit risky, everyone sees their captain differently, so what works great for me, might not for others. I truly enjoyed her comments though, the way you set them up work perfectly for me. The briefing part where I make a joke and the Vulcan got confused... awesome, made me smile

Also, the 'Rosswell' solution was a great idea and well executed.

I did search for your name in the foundry, but this one seems to be the only mission I could find. I do sincerely hope you are planning on making more, because I really like your style (and wit).

Thanks again for making the game better!