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02-26-2012, 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by mbradshaw View Post
Ah that makes sense with using those two sets together. I just thought the passive abilities awarded with the complete aegis set would be better over all than the M11 Maco set. I stand corrected.

Will correct that asap.

I have two neutronium hulls that stack for 26% resist everything, which is why I was asking about the 3.5 console.

What are your power level settings for your dreadnought? I usually have weapons at 50, Shields at 85, speed at 40, and aux at 25. Then the green extra energy is on top of those values.

I didn't realize what tt1 was. I was thinking for some reason it was boarding party where you send the shuttles which didn't make sense to me, but now that I know what tactical team really is I'm going to fix that.
just wait for drops from stfs to get your maco stuff. there no rush really, because the aegis is pretty nice, and is only overshadowed by the mk12 maco set. so don't waste edc's on getting the maco k11 stuff.

my power settings are:
72/50 <--- base setting, it's actually 94/100 since i have 2 copies of WPtS, so the bonus is always on.

weapons: you want to hit things as hard as you can, it's sorta what the dread does best. lowering this should only be when you're trying to survive a massive assualt from multipul enemies.

shields: doesn't increase the amount of shields you get, just the regen. so leaving this low isn't that big of a deal. in fact you can run this at 47/25 (69/25 with EPtS) and be ok dump the other points into engine.

EDIT: shield power also increase your shield resist, i'm not sure by how much, so it is still a good idea to keep shields at 50 base.

engine: in stf i spend most of my time parked, shooting face first into what ever im shooting at, so i never needed this to be higher than 50. In pvp it's not a bad idea to keep this at a higher level.

aux: well... very nice for heals, but it's hard to justify putting too many points into this