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02-26-2012, 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by Sorphius
Sounds like a case of operator malfunction to me. I have just over 9 hours /played on my farmer (including 45min this afternoon), and in that time I've gotten ~400 green and 7 gold boxes.

No Galor yet, but hopefully it'll come soon so I can end this forsaken tutorial and never go back!

I have yet to get a Galor, and I've opened quite a few. That being said, I went to Engineering as directed, and it skipped right over the "talk to the Chief Engineer" point, and directed me to go to the transporter.

I don't know. I logged out, and am going to log back in to see if it's changed.

OK - whatever error there was before, it's gone. The stream of drones is back