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# 1 Grav Well // *answered*
02-26-2012, 03:19 PM

Yeah, Gravity well appears to be doing much less dmg than revealed in the tool tip.
For instance, I was able to do ~1400dmg per tick according to the tooltip, yet it remains at the ~500 to 700dmg range.

Did several tests.
I assumed it would be resistances but I tried with a buddy who only had 2% resist to kin.
Maybe I am missing something or is this thing just weak?

Grav Well III btw.
Not to mention that Grav Well is actually useless due to the borg heal procs xD but I still wonder where that extra dmg went.

Answered by Gypsy_Blade

GW was recently changed to have Grav Generators increase the Radius.... to balance this out the damage was lowered.

Tooltips are notorious for being wrong in this game.... don't trust them...

You also need to factor in kinetic resistance of the target in the GW as it is Kinetic damage

GW is a snare that happens to do damage...
It was never intended to be damage that happens to snare...