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02-26-2012, 04:34 PM
Just to add a few things from my notes:

I didn't understand why I was suddenly speaking to the Prof, who stayed on the ship, when inside the ice caves. I'd recommend a popup in there, like a BO says, "Sir, perhaps if we contacted Prof..."

Those ice caves are confusing. Anything that can be done would help, such as blocking off places that lead to empty corners, thus better directing a player where to go. That's probably hard, when it was probably crazy-making just trying to put objects on that map.

There are quite a few spots, where if I had accidentally clicked past the popup, I would have no clue where to go, especially in the ice caves and on the planet. I would use more green text and more invis objects so that tricorder knows where to go. Some of these are unavoidable and my own missions have them, but using more green text would help prevent bad reviews.

I didn't understand why the crew of the Eldrigde was called my crew, using "your crew."