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# 8 The Void
02-26-2012, 04:40 PM
Captains Log Supplemental
It has been two hours since we were pulled into a void region of space by a massive graviton surge. The void space by its very name is devoid of anything and seems to be having a draining effect on the ships energy systems. Upon entering the Void we were engaged by three ships, one was from the Kazon the other two were unknown. We were able to fight off the ships sustaining minor damage in the process. It was evident that we discovered a grave yard where some of its residents arenít yet rested.
My science officer is going over records in the Starfleet database to see if anything like this has been discovered before but I highly doubt it due to the nature of this place. I am hopeful however that Tal my chief engineer is able to find a way out.
Ketan out

Captains log Supplemental
After study of the Voyager logs we have discovered how to escape the Void. Using a polaron modulator we should be able stabilise a funnel and avoid being pulled back in. However things like this are never simple the Magnificent was short on supplies when we went to the Alioris Supernova and we were to resupply on Deep Space Nine. We dont have the technology to build such a device and the new systems in the more recent Federation ships lack the components to cannibalise to make a poleron modulator. We have been searching derelict ships throughout this region and found nothing. We were able to get a few bits and pieces to use should we ever get desperate enough but nothing of major value.

Captains Log
Stardates are meaningless in this place. We have shut power down to most of the lower decks the crew are living on decks 14,15,16,17 and 18 and main bridge controls have been rerouted through engineering. Our food supplies are low and our energy reserves are almost depleted. We have managed to lessen the degree by which out power is being drained by shielding the core this has given us a few extra days however we need to escape soon.

Captains log Supplemental
We did battle with a JemíHadar cruiser earlier on today which was manned by less than a skeleton crew. it wasnít hard to overcome but the damage was significant. We lost warp drive during the attack. The horrors of this place became evident upon transporting over from the logs obtained. The Vorta ordered almost all the crew be confined to the lowest decks of the ship and without their Ketracel White they died, which explains why were able to take the ship so easily. The Dominion ship would have been useful had they not butchered their own systems. Although useful it will take a lot of time and resources to utilise the technology from this ship.
We also discoverd one of the delights of this place today, the Nomadic species that live in the Void were present on the Dominion ship. We were able to quickly communicate with them. it would appear that the Doctors communication method has stayed with them all this time which made our communication with them a whole lot easier.
On another note crewman Achito is pregnant we have only just found out today all the more reason to escape this place.

Captains log Supplemental
We were intercepted by the U.S.S Venture early on today. The ship was reported missing almost four years ago. I have been able to talk with Commander Bates who also knew of the same way to escape however they were so badly damaged after being drawn into the void that they were unable to execute the plan. I havenít asked how they managed to survive so long in the Void and to be honest I donít want to ask. We informed them of our intentions and they have gone to explore the Void in search of a polaron modulator, I didnít ask how they would acquire it. We will deal with that when they return.

Captains Log
My fears have been confirmed the U.S.S Venture, Akira class escort is nothing more than a pirate ship. We made contact with a group of alien ships within the Void who have survived by forming an alliance centred around a large Voth ship. It was nice to see a Voth again I seldom get much contact with people from my own quadrant who arenít trying to assimilate me. Captain Pio of the Voth ship was able to help us in acquiring the polaron emitter. However he was also able to tell me about the U.S.S Venture, the ship that would attack new ships in the void and destroy them after raiding them of everything. I am wrestling with the idea of perusing them across the void and bringing them to justice however that would serve no purpose to escaping the void. We have started to assemble the fleet as to escape and we will be ready

Captains log Supplemental
We have escaped the void. We emerged some distance from where we were drawn in. Life is returning to normal on the ship now. We are limping back to Deep Space Nine at warp five the journey will take four hours. Our escape did not come without a price the U.S.S Venture had clearly discovered our plan to leave them behind and had attempted to intercept us. They destroyed one of the ships in our fleet before we destroyed them. I feel no pleasure from this and I would have rather brought Commander Bates and Crew back for trial however that was not possible given the circumstances.
The members of the fleet all went their separate ways Captain Pio will take word back to my home world informing them that I am safe. In total we spent 22 days in the Void that time is nothing compared to some other ships in there but it was interesting to see how we held our morality while within the Void
Ketan over and out