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02-26-2012, 06:45 PM
T5 ships in the C-Store generally have a Console or special ability that the free ships don't. The Galaxy Refit has Saucer Separation, the Excelsior has Transwarp locations, the Dreadnought has a Lance, etc. In general they're not really much better then the free ships. I have 7 VAs and only 2 use C-Store ships.

They also have slightly different BOFF configurations - though they still have the same number of BOFF abilities. For example, the Excelsior has a LTC Tac BOFF while other Cruisers only have at LT. That makes it a little more offensive but a little less defensive. You gain something and lose something.

The C-Store ships can be fun but you're not really gaining that much extra, IMO.