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02-26-2012, 08:41 PM
Just to add to this;

The normal non-c-store T5 ships have a standard configuration for the Boffs and consoles. Boffs are Commander + Lt Commander for the primary type, Lt for both of the remaining two types and one Ensign for the 'secondary' type. eg: Assault Cruisers are Tactical oriented Cruisers (Engineering) so they have the extra Ensign boff station. Star Cruisers trade the Tactical orientation for a Science one.

Consoles follow the same pattern. 4 consoles for the primary, 3 consoles for the secondary and 2 consoles for the remaining.

The c-store ships can/usually mix this up, by giving the Lt. Commander station to another boff type, or shoving the ensign to the primary etc... They're simply alternatives and aren't necessarily more powerful than the standard non-c-store ships but can complement a speciality if you are looking for one. That's on top of the special consoles or innate ship abilities.

Performance wise, there really isn't too much to be gained. It's more designing a decent Boff layout and knowing how to use abilities when the situation calls for it than anything else.