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The USS Soval is getting ready to leave Dry Dock any day now, and we still don't have a Chief Security/Tactical Officer, or a Chief Engineer! These are two of the most crucial parts to running a ship. What if we get in a fight? Who is going to fire our weapons? What if we get boarded? Do you expect the Marines to do it all? I don't think so! And for Engineering. What if our warp drive get knocked out! We will need someone to fix it. The whole ship pretty much is run be the Chief Engineer. I would hate to go on a mission without one. So come in and join up!


If you don't want to join as one of the positions here are other open positions:

Open Positions
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Also all Assistant Chief and Junior Officer positions are available. Come take a look!