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Originally Posted by ChibiClari View Post
What I think we need at this point is to have an Iconian character who is acting as the "puppet master" influencing the lesser villains--he would be the one whom Hakeev reported to, for example. Basically, he would be the Iconian equivalent of the "Future Guy" who was puppeting the Suliban, etc.

Like "Future Guy", we need not see his face, just see him receiving reports from the lesser villains and giving them ominous-sounding orders. We don't even need to know his "real" name--just some kind of callsign that makes it clear that each of his appearances are the same character.
I agree but I recall from seeing the Iconians that they don't exactly look very human. I think they need somebody like Dukat was for the Dominion. In a perfect world, I'd like for that to BE Dukat.

I'd also like to see something done with the plot point that the Borg came about 200,000 years ago (it was ignored in the Destiny novels but STO doesn't follow those and it was stated on the shows) and the Iconians vanished 200,000 years ago.

Did the Iconians flee the Borg? Did they create the Borg to clean up what they left behind? There's potential for an interesting relationship there.