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Originally Posted by Tumerboy View Post
lol I may be awesome, but I'm probably not that awesome. There are some limitations that would have to be addressed before we could pull something like this off.

On a semi related note, I know ESD is supposed to be in synchronous orbit. Does anyone know where it's synchronous over? like UP Fleet Yard is obviously over Utopia Planitia on Mars. Is ESD over San Francisco? Somewhere else?
I don't belive we have ever had a fully clear shot of the starbase over earth... There are plenty displaying the starbase over earth, but never clear enough to see the continents.


Based on the Pic here:,_2293.jpg we can tell that it is located above the northern hemisphere. In my eyes that would mean either above SF (SFC headquarters) or Paris (UFP president and all), or possibly between the two (wich would put it above the Atlantic), to make travel-time from both SF and UFP the same (as it serves both organizations).

Now... It would make sense if the starbase would be placed strategically to serve as a defense platform.
Since it wasn't destroyed in the Breen attack (at least we weren't told that, and there was no obvious debris in the pictures we saw in DS9: Changing face of evil), I think it is more likely that it's orbiting either the Atlantic or Paris (then the Breen could have taken a position out of range of the starbase).

This Picture seems to support the "Atlantic idea":

This was the best I could find:
There is no obvious landmass (apart from somthing that seems more like distortion in the pic) on that picture either.

Originally Posted by Direphoenix View Post
(Although I wonder if it would even still be around in 2409, what with "The Sisko" being all with the prophets or whatever, and Jake being some sort of reporter... Is there anyone around to keep it running?)
Ben Sisko both had a Sister and at least 2 brothers. I belive that in Homefront, the man (not his father) in the kitchen is supposed to be his brother.
So I would think that one of them is running the show.