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02-27-2012, 01:14 AM
Originally Posted by jheinig View Post
Unless it's using some heavy-duty station-keeping (possibly non-Newtonian, given how gravity generators work in Star Trek), it's probably at a Lagrange point, most likely L4 or L5. I can look that up for ya on Tuesday.
I doubt that Spacedock is at any Earth/Month Lagrangian point. L2 which would be the closest one to the Earth is a lot closer to the Moon than the Earth. All of the movie and TV depictions of Spacedock has it fairly close to Earth. It's supposed to be easily visible from eh surface of the planet.

Another limit on the location of Spacedock is that it has to be within transporter distance of the surface of the Earth. The TOS series has the maximum range of the transporter as 40,000 kilometers. Geosynchronous order for Earth of 35,700 kilometers. Based on taht I would say it's a safe bet that ESD in Geosynchronous Orbit. That's well above the low obit atmospheric drag. Should be easy enough to keep it in place with just thrusters.