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02-27-2012, 03:39 AM
Originally Posted by smaug1
Two questions.

1: Can I depict planets from episodes, such as Talos IV?

2: I am considering an episode with Soong type androids, (which always look like Data, Lore, B4, etc...)
Would this episode follow the EULA?
1. As far as I understood the EULA, there is general no restiriction on using places and names.

2. ST Androids are generally OK because they don't depict a single person from the series/movies. But they must NOT look like one of the actors. I am not 100% sure but a "bald" Android with the skin tone and eyes of Data -without looking like a bald Brent Spiner- should get you on the safe side.
Personally I would still avoid it.

Originally Posted by Fleet_Admiral_Joy
I was hoping to create a mission that has Hugh and Worf in it, looks like I'll have to scrub that idea now. Dang. The Foundry EULA is a wash-out, makes creating real content with people we aint seen for ever impossible.
Use your imagination and tell a new story: Invent Worf's illegimate Half-Sister (that way you avoid a Worf lookalike). Or create a sentinent Borg who references Hugh (which is allowed).

If you can tell a good story that gets the player attached and involved you don't need known characters, just give the player an "anchor" to the events of the Series