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02-27-2012, 04:46 AM
Originally Posted by TheStoryteller0
If you can tell a good story that gets the player attached and involved you don't need known characters, just give the player an "anchor" to the events of the Series
Or just tell your own story without relying on an "anchor". The best episodes of Voyager never mentioned things that happened in DS9, TNG, or TOS.. and the same is true of all the series. In fact, when one series went out of it's way to mention another series, the results were always kind of stilted and terrible.

Really Dr. Crusher? The Enterprise 1701 encountered an intoxication virus just like this, and it took you the whole episode to find it in the database? And it took Riker telling the android to look up incidents of "people taking a shower in their clothes?"

There are many stories, and many ships, and many thousands of Starfleet officers all throughout the history of the Federation. Couldn't your story have easily happened to a Captain WIlliamson of the USS Intrepid in 2280?