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02-27-2012, 05:29 AM
I'm at work at the moment so the names may be a little off and I have no numbers but I'll try to give a quick run through the sets. STOWiki has the names listed, I'll try to give a description for the fed sets (I rarely can find the motivation to play my KDF alt so don't know what the sets are like for them).


Emergency Shield Capacitor - Shield HoT and damage resistance buff. Works well enough, it can help to keep enough shield up to prevent being one shot whilst the HoT is active and the DR buff is nice to have too.

Tactical Readiness Network - As mentioned on the Wiki it has a resistance buff to Placates, Run Speed and DR as well as a stun effect centered on your team. I'm not entirely convinced the resistances work for the STFs as I still spend far too long rooted and notice no difference between having MACO or Omega equipped. Haven't tried it in PvP though where the resists usually work against targets that are using skills similar in strength to your own.


Distortion Field - Like a weak Stealth Module, this is not so great for dropping aggro in STFs, they've still targeted and one shot me at 30 metres with this active. Definitely not my favourite Set 2 bonus (I much prefer the MACO set 2 but like the Omega set more overall) it can be useful but I've come to not rely on it dropping aggro since it was fixed a few weeks back. It's pretty good if someone else draws aggro first as it can delay

Team Ambush Field - This is a team Damage buff (and IIRC a damage buff but I'm not on my home computer to check that). Like the MACO set 3 bonus it's centered on the rest of the team and seems to fit the set well.

I can't do more than offer my opinion but for my Tac I always take Omega (I do for my Sci too recently), the stats of the armour with the CrtH and CrtD buffs just seem to fit the DPS centric STFs very well. A Tac is very squishy with Omega but the MACO shield buff won't protect you against the heavy hits on a regular basis and the Fuse Armour DoTs that tend to be spammed at you will usually be the more pressing issue anyway with a Tac as you have no self heals. I just find that Omega suits a Tac play style more than the MACO which can give some a false sense of security.