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Originally Posted by Direphoenix View Post
I know if I had an enormously massive and obvious important military target floating over my planet I would definitely NOT want it positioned over any type of populated landmass. If it's going to be in geosynchronous orbit, I'd put it over the Pacific, so when some nefarious no-gooder decides to take out SB-1, the majority of the pieces fall into the ocean instead of wiping out the surface.
Assuming that the sation - following a massive attack able to destroy it entirely - and further assuming that every piece of debris would -start- flying away directly towards earth - even then the debris probably would not go down in the pacific. I will leave the exact calculations to someone else!
In a geosynchronos orbit the station would rotate slower then the landmass below - both would rotate -west- around the planets core. While decending from high orbit it would keep its own velocity -west- but on a shorter/smaller circle. Therefore it would take less time for a full rotation (geosync. = 24 hours) an it would begin to travel -east- relative to the landmass.

The whole thing becomes void if we again take into account debris flying away at random after the expected massive explosion(s) following an attack on the station.
And it gets even more complicated if we expect objects of different size and aerodynamics/shapes.

Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
I agree... The Pacific was my first choice too, but in terms of traveltime from Paris and SFC vs. most possible defensive coverage that makes very little sense.

UFP leadership is more important than SFC leadership seen from a military aspect, as SFC would technically as long as starfleet exists have successors for command positions (due to the chain of command), but UFP is not only leadership of earth, but the entire federation.
Since the federation is a democracy with a voting system (DS9:Homfront, the president mentions that he was elected into office), it would be significantly harder to replace an entire goverment.
Remembering BSG and thinking of the size of the UFP - shouldnt there be "backup plans" in case something of this kind happens? And: I assume the President of such a big entity would be rather representating the whole Federation and coordinate some form of senate which decides "the bigger picture" - I am sure the planets still have their own freedom in many ways.

And - forgot to quote, sorry - the seat of the President has always been Paris, not just since STO.