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02-27-2012, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by Psi'a Meese
If I recall correctly, the old ESD model was closer to San Francisco on the earliest Sol system map. Which most took as the case when viewing Star Trek III, IV and V. U.S. player's, of course, took pride in this. While others used that to taunt international player's. It was an old topic. Suggestions were made that ESD should be moved. And dry docks established over a variety of continents. For example, San Francisco, Cardiff and Melbourne Orbital Shipyards.

Calm discussion (argument) that I recall in favor of a change, included that while San Francisco remains the home of Starfleet Headquarters, the Federation President (and by extension the Council Chambers) were located in Paris, France. Suggesting that perhaps the Federation should not appear too U.S. centric within context of STO?

When Sol system got overhauled and the current ESD model appeared, it was over the Atlantic. Roughly, half-way between North America and Europe? I speculate that fostering player community may have been more important than canon location. Although, halfway between Paris and San Francisco would really be where? New York, maybe? Make of that what you will.
I think the Federation President's office should be relocated from France to Beijing.

Y'Know... With Cryptic practically being in San Francisco... And their old publisher being based in France (albeit 300 miles from Paris)... I think it would be coy. And it would allow for the Fed President's office to possibly have a more diverse feel if they ever add it. I know several of our artists (Logan included) have a fascination with Southeast Asian architecture.