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02-27-2012, 08:02 AM
I actually would like to see more Ground abilities (whether included as Powers or something else) that would encourage more variability in Away Teams, depending on what needs the Captain anticipates for the mission. These are just a few ideas I've been able to come up with in this regard:

Science -- a good Science officer should have an ability to quickly locate the nearest strange plant or other science-based point, plot the most direct path to that point, and lead the rest of the Away Team (including the Captain) there.

Medical -- Your CMO should be able to use Hypos on others, and have an increased chance of summoning Medics. Could also give some kind of bonus when trying to deal with diplomatic situations (though I'm not sure how, mechanics-wise). And, possibly, could come to your side when when you're incapacitated without having to be explicitly summoned.*

Engineering -- Should be able to locate the nearest working computer console, and lead the way to it, as described above for Science. This person might also have some special ability for removing force fields, though I'm at a loss as to how this could be easily implemented (mechanics-wise).

Operations -- Reduces the time needed to operate equipment in a scenario, making it less likely for you to be interrupted by an attacker. Alternately, could also take over the work if the captain is thus interrupted.

Security -- The SCO could act as a personal bodyguard of sorts, running to your side to protect you when your personal shields are down, or while trying to operate a piece of equipment during combat. He (or, in my case, she) could also do extra damage when assisting the captain against doors and other inanimate barriers.

I'm also thinking that some of these types should be able to obtain various Materials from scanning various items. For example, when scanning a strange alien plant, a Science Officer could have a chance to get a Biological Sample, and an odd rock formation could yield a Mineral Sample. An Engineering Officer might get an Alien Artifact or some other technological Material from scanning a broken alien probe. The CMO might occasionally be able to derive Antigens or Medical Supplies from things.

(Scenarios could also be occasionally written where something becomes easier if you have a certain BOff along. But that's a whole 'nother discussion.)

With enough of these abilities, we could potentially have a drop-down menu of multiple different standard Away Team configurations (in addition to the default one you start with, for example, get another with each level that ends in 0).

Most of these would, I suspect, take a moderate amount of work to do, though I also suspect that it would be worth it if it encourages people to buy more BOff slots. Additional Away Team configurations could also be made into a C-Store item, further helping pay for the work.

*(For some reason my CMO dives into the heart of combat almost every time, relying more on hand-to-hand combat than her ranged weapon. I have no idea why it is; I've even switched her weapons with my CSO, but to no avail.)