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02-27-2012, 08:17 AM
Fleet owned destructible structures and zones of control. Both space and ground.

Massive Open World Battles to defend/ destroy the above mentioned. Not some kerratish map either. I want HUGE!

No queues for this either. Ditch the queues while we are at it. Real PVPers dont need a carrot to fight... we just need a proper place to let it all out.

A PVP Metagame. All battles should have an effect on this so-called war we got going on atm with FvK. PVE access to zones and missions should be affected by the PVP metagame.

Force the conflict and make each factions PVPers hit the zone. I still hate the day FvF PVP was announced. Partly, why I quit last time. Stuck in a PVP faction waiting forever on people to queue to fight. No more easy outs!

No to PVP gear imo. To me, that and instanced arenas are what kills PVP in other MMOs.

Plus, I already detest and refuse to do the STF gear grind and I will be damned if i got to shell out more cash to be competitive in PVP... again.


Also, add Warp/ Sector Space combat with a SWG-like Overt/ Covert system. One can self-flag for PVP or get flagged by stepping in to help a friendly who is in combat.