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02-27-2012, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by StarTrekRon
Someone really needs to go back and delete threads that are clearly outdated or contain information that have become irrelevent to the current game. Example: Why keep posts that refer to the old Skill Tree?
As much as I personally dislike the forum policy regarding "necro" threads, I will grudginly admit that it works well at keeping dated information buried.

My whole beef with that is it also keeps really basic info from the early days of the game that is still relevant, also equally buried. But yeah, in the long run it keeps stuff like old skill tree info for the most part very buried. Other than the stickies. Which brings me to ...

Please, Please, Pease, cut down the weed like Stickies! It's annoying to have to scroll down 3/4 of the screen to find new posts. There is no reason why some of these can't be merged together or flat out deleted.
I think a great idea might be to revise/tweak/consolidate them all into some sort of link list in one thread? Or like two or three. But would definitely cut down on the overabundance of stickies? So you get like say 4 stickies, based on whatever organizational parameters you choose. And in those stickied posts are just links to the threads/posts that were taking up all that space?

I don't know, it's just an idea.

Regarding the RP Forum discussion:

I can see both sides of the argument. Yeah, that kind of forum would attract some heat/flames/etc. As that does say in big bright words "HEY! Here's the RPers you trolls want to troll!"

But I also see the other side of the coin. It'd be a place for that community to band together. A place to call their own.

That's a tough one. I see merit in having that kind of place. But I also do think there's something to be said for how the unsavory element has reacted to RP designated areas in past forums I've been a part of.

In regards to the question of "who would moderate?" ... my initial gut reaction is ... add a new Purple Name or two? With keen interest in the RP community? And set them to the task? That is, after all, what that program was devised for?

But again, there definitely is precedent set in the past with other games I've played, and other forums, that those RP community areas draw a lot of unwanted flames.