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# 1 Hijacked - Redux
02-27-2012, 09:40 AM
Starfleet, Any Level
Starting Location: Veela system, Regulus sector block
Duration:~20-30 mins
Style: Adventure, Single player

Limited time offer:
If you find the perfect ending, I will send you whatever I get in my next STF run (Elite). Except for Bound on pickup items of course.

The USS Aswan has failed to report to Fleet HQ as scheduled. Determine the nature of delay and take whatever measures are necessary.
The Aswan was last spotted in the Veela system at the Regulus sector block.
Both Gorn and pirate ships were spotted in the area, exercise caution!

It is a remastered version of the old adventure mission. The premise and the plot is the same as the original. However, it is enhanced and expanded to be more organic and believable in the 25th century.
It is 100% branched mission with 5 hard endings and plenty of soft endings, depending on YOUR actions. Finding the perfect on the 1st try may be a challenge.

Make sure your BOFFs are on the transporter pad before you beam.